Warranty and advice on use

To make the most of a carbon saddle you just need to take some extra care you normally wouldn´t with a conventional saddle:


  1. Never lift or hang the bike by holding only the top of the saddle. Unfortunately, this is a a common mistake (imagine the state of a mountain bike after a long ride or competition with mud-filled wheels when the weight of the bike itself gets to triple). The rails are integrated into the shell for the entire length through a structural bonding prepared to resist all the upward and downward flexions and twists. The warranty does neither cover a situation of the famous selfies with the bike hanging on a tree by a saddle. This type of a situation is not covered by a warranty!
  2. Never leave the bike leaning against a wall or fence. In these situations almost always the bike turns over to the side and the most salient elements, namely the saddle and handlebar, get affected by the impact (when the handlebar rotates, the saddle gets the biggest blow). If you don´t have a place to leave your bike, it´s better to lay it down on the ground. This type of a situation is not covered by warranty!
  3. Never cycle through holes, road humps or any surface in poor condition when completely seated on a bike. Under these circumstances you should relieve the pressure in the saddle or pedal standing up. Although it can take a large part of the surface irregularities, when cycling seated on a difficult surface, the carbon can yield. This type of a situation is not covered by warranty!
  4. Manufacturer’s installation recommendations should be strictly adhered to at all times. Comply with the torque values indicated by the seat post manufacturers. In many cases, it seems you could use another 1 cm of the front or rear rails and the saddle ends up being fitted beyond the safety zone (this will result in a huge lever that will cause the rails to break). This type of a situation is not covered by warranty!
  5. Whenever possible choose a compatible spigot, preferably with carbon-tight fittings, but never use the aluminum “half-moon”. Many brands have opted for the “half moon” system in aluminum, but on carbon rails it works like a guillotine. The bigger the contact area between the rails and the spigot, the better. This type of a situation is not covered by warranty!
  6. Install the saddle only on the type of bike for which it was designed. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common practice in the MTB world when users put their saddle at risk in order to gain some 10 extra grams. This type of a situation is not covered by warranty!
  7. Never attempt to repair a damaged saddle. All repairs must be carried out by the manufacturer and the saddle should always be accompanied by the purchase invoice. In a situation where a skilled friend “finds a way” to repair a fractured saddle that is still under warranty, the warranty expires. This type of a situation is not covered by warranty!
  8. Never use any type of solvent when washing the saddle. The polyurethane varnish surface protection of our saddles is prepared for solar radiation and for normal wear and tear caused by the friction with the shorts. The cleaning of this material should always be done with water and never with solvents (acetone, thinner, gasoline, etc.). This type of a situation is not covered by warranty!


The warranty covers: any breaks or fractures that might occur in any area during the correct use of the saddle for a period of two years (24 months) from the date of purchase. We do not repair our saddles and if a defect occurs during the warranty period, we replace the damaged part with a new one  (identical decoration colors, … etc). If a customer wants to replace the original with another type of decoration, it will always be subject to approval.


The warranty does not cover: collision, accidents, strong strokes, misuse, neglect or improper assembly. In situations when damage caused is not covered by the warranty, the customer may choose to replace the damaged part by paying a fee of 123 € – providing only one part of the saddle has been damaged (top part or rails).