Gelu Combo K

460€ (saddle only)

As usual, once again we developed something completely different from conventional “combos” that do not allow any adjustment (the seatpost tube glued directly to the saddle). In the upper part of the saddle we made 2 slits that allow the longitudinal adjustment in about 20mm. The adjustment of the inclination is ensured by the screw heads, which are round at the bottom and which slide perfectly into the “cookies” that sit inside the saddle channel, and which have the perfect fit for these same screw heads. Our system not only allows the saddle to be adjusted, but also adapts to most seatposts using the “half moon” system. In other words, the customer can choose to purchase only the saddle with a fixing system and use it on its own seatpost (as long as it is compatible).

Weight From 125g
Size 250/124 (mm)
Top 100% preperg.carbon/ epoxy
Clamping system Half moon “cradle” prepreg carbon/epoxi, titanium screws,
aluminum “cookies” & nuts
Seatposts 27,2; 30,9; 31,6
Max Weight 80kg
Suitable for Road bikes, recreation & urban bikes;
Possibility of customization (colors, names, logos…)


Download the file with our 3D model so you can customize your saddle. When you make the order you can upload it and send to us so we can make it just as you want it…

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Designed by Anghel Ivanof


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