Gelu F-3


Slightly smaller and slightly flatter than the Js, the Fs are our second model of carbon spring saddle. The innovation in these models is the curved blade-shaped rear spring, made up of several layers of UD carbon, which is positioned longitudinally (in our model J the rear spring is arranged transversely). This saddle works almost like a second skin, because thanks to its bending ability, it never stops in contact with the rider’s rear even on the most damaged floors. The central opening has been specially designed to ensure complete absence of pressure in the prostate region. Our saddles with springs are the only ones with “springs” in the world, below 100g

Peso +/- 70g
Dimensões 245/122 (mm)
Nose Width 48mm
Selim 100% preperg.carbon/ epoxy
Armação Oval 6.5X8.5(mm), 100% preperg.carbon/ epoxy
Peso Máximo 85kg
Apropriado para Bicicletas de estrada, Bicicletas de passeio & urbanas; Possibilidade de personalização (cores, nomes, logos...)


Download the file with our 3D model so you can customize your saddle. When you make the order you can upload it and send to us so we can make it just as you want it…

Download do PDF







Designed by Anghel Ivanof


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