Gelu C-3


The C-3 model, our third saddle with integrated carbon springs, is the result of a long development process (about two years), and was specially developed for the city for city bikes and urban E-Bikes, but which is also an excellent choice for road and gravel bikes. With a touch of classic, this model was inspired by the old saddles with steel springs and leather, and once again, the result was amazing! The carbon springs that accompany the saddle in its entirety, manage to absorb and drain most of the vibrations caused by the often irregular floor, and the generous central opening was specially designed to guarantee a total absence of pressure in the prostatic region.
At the same time, the very low weight makes the bike much safer thanks to the almost complete absence of the so-called “pendulum effect”.
This model is an excellent choice both for daily use on a city bike, as well as for more intensive use on long rides on the road or gravel.

Weight +/- 85g
Size 250/128 (mm)
Nose Width 50mm
Rails Oval 6.5X8,5(mm), 100% preperg.carbon/ epoxy
Max Weight 90kg
Suitable for Urban bikes, urban E-bikes, road bikes, gravel; Possibility of
customization (colors, names, logos…)


Download the file with our 3D model so you can customize your saddle. When you make the order you can upload it and send to us so we can make it just as you want it…

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Designed by Anghel Ivanof


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