Gelu MTB Chainring Set “Fast Change Concept”

32T – 190€ / 34T – 193€ / 36T – 196€

Our innovative “fast change concept” MTB chainring/spider system makes it possible to change the chainring in about 30 seconds, without having to remove the entire crank system. The chainring are mounted on the spider from the outside to the inside, which allows for a quick change, removing the 3 fixing screws and making them “slide” out by the crank arm itself. Our spider is literally a carbon plate that fits perfectly inside the chainrings themselves, distributing the load evenly through a polygon-shaped cutout with 18 sides. This innovative concept avoids any kind of twisting or bending (which usually occurs in traditional systems), making our system practically 100% efficient in transmitting the force applied to the cranks.

But we wanted to go a little further in innovation and developed an interchangeable system, which allows using the same spider on both SRAM and Shimano cranks, being abole to change it at any time, and for that, just replace the central “ring”.

Size 32T / 34T / 36T
Shifting System 12 – speed / 11 – speed
Material Chainring – Aluminium 7075 – T651

Spider – prepreg Carbon

Compatibility Shimano direct mount system & Sram boost system
Chainring version Narrow – Wide (1 speed)
Color Black (anodized)
Suitable for MTB


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Designed by Anghel Ivanof

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32, 34, 36


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